Updated on 1/7/19

UGC has released an event info document for the Halo Classic on January 11th-13th. Included are the times for each tournament being held:


10AM – Registration
12PM – Warm-ups
2PM – H3 4v4 begins, H3 FFA begins
5PM – H3 4v4 Winners Top 64
8PM – H3 4v4 Winners Top 32
12AM – Venue closes


9AM – Venue opens
10AM – H3 4v4 continues, H3 FFA continues, Halo CE 2v2 begins
1PM – H3 4v4 Winners Top 16
4PM – H3 4v4 Winners Quarterfinals
8PM – H3 4v4 Winners Semi-Finals
12AM – Venue closes


9AM – Venue opens
10AM – H3 FFA Finals
12PM – H3 4v4 Losers Semi-Finals
2PM – H3 4v4 Winners Finals
4PM – H3 4v4 Losers Finals
6PM – H3 4v4 Grand Finals
9PM – End of event

You can view the document released here.