Europa Halo was nice enough to give us the details of it’s first Halo tournament of the year, which will be a MCC Halo 3 FFA on January 27th.

  • Exclusive to European players
  • Three groups of eight.
  • Top two from each group will advance as well as two third place finishers (best two will be chosen).
  • All games will be played with MLG FFA settings on Heretic.

The groups are as follows:

Group A

Alien NJ, Ay Dee Zee, Shxppy, Chakas N7, Flamez93, L3G3ND6,  Il mysta lI and Souiwiz

Group B

Conna DM, Phluxs, Greatredshift, Ferox TTV, mockit warlord, the4shotplot, Fireboy JET and sqd abra

Group C

TW Viking, IsI Jesus IsI, Primar Re, KIMBQnejiuciha94, BlizZ, IX ICON XL and Final Necessity

Group D

Bret LL, Snlpedrone, FluXy XV, Jimbo, N3DRUM, Hollers, RUDlMENTARY, Snipaui

The match will be streamed over on their Twitch channel, so be sure to give that a follow and check out the event page at this link.