Here are the top 12 results for the SWAT Nation SWAT4Life Charity Tournament. Altogether the tournament raised $834 USD for the Alezheimer’s Foundation of America. You can check out the full bracket below.

1st – Dynasty – Abbrupt, bubu dubu, Falcated, Sabinater – $350 USD

2nd – #BrownWall – Flurriously, Blain Doctor, XrossFade, Its Name – $210 USD

3rd – On Another Level – Smoke YaDig, Fer Spawn X, Hydrix, King Urbn – $140 USD

4th – EU Connection – Prospctfull, Qlease, Shaady, Batchford

5th/6th – Infinite Pros – Stress, Galaxy, In Reality, Sleepoligy

5th/6th – SwaT Kings – Zerkshi, TyrantsWorld, Llama Lotion, Zothy

7th/8th – Ponchitas Rejects – Nsg Cereal, NWK, Mild, Nafburger

7th/8th – The Flying Cucklords – KENNEDY SNiPe, Me Chuy, Halo Trap, DripDripDouble

9th/12th – Certified Randoms – CHILLED U, Yewish aD, PMoney MD, sp diversity

9th/12th – Last Minute – Mr Dr Pwnrbangr, L3ackdraft, MaNemUmar, Fear SonantBook

9th/12th – STK – LUCKY TEGHAN, Envore, Gaming Updates, DR3DAL

9th/12th – Team Last Second – Wolfman254, Boundd, MOXXiiEE, Juui Vapor