The year is 2015 and the game is Halo 2 Anniversary. Evil Geniuses have taken home the last five major tournaments in a row beating out Counter Logic Gaming in the finals during four of those tournaments. They’ve won in places like Atlanta, Indianapolis and Boston. The final H2A tournament, the HCS Season 2 Finals in Burbank, concluded in thrilling fashion when CLG forced EG into a bracket reset. Evil Geniuses then swept CLG to make Snip3down, Lethul, Roy, and Lunchbox the kings of Halo 2 Anniversary.

After the season 2 finals, excitement is at an all-time high for the first Halo 5 tournament at the X Games in Aspen Colorado, and all eyes are on Evil Geniuses to continue their domination. Everything is set until the floor fell out a week before rosters were locked. On January 21st 2016, Lethul announced he was leaving Evil Geniuses for their rival Counter Logic Gaming. Now EG is hard pressed to find a 4th with very little time.

Enter Commonly. Snip3down brings on the former Believe the Hype member at the last minute to compete under the EG banner. The roster shakeup increased the excitement for the event immensely. First Halo 5 tournament at the X-Games and a grudge match between Lethul and Snip3down? Who wouldn’t watch that? The tournament did not disappoint. In a series that looked all too familiar, Evil Geniuses went down 2-3 to Counter Logic Gaming in the Grand Finals to force a bracket reset. EG responded by sweeping CLG to put Snip3down and the squad on top and winning once again.

As tournaments went on, these two continued to face off and trade bragging rights but what happened back in 2016 is cemented in competitive Halo history. Both players have been playing at a pro level for many years; Lethul since 2010 and Snip3down since 2008. Their longevity and accolades have made them legends, and if there was a Halo Hall of Fame, they would both be immediately inducted.

This March, during the HCS Invitational at SXSW, we get to see these two juggernauts compete against one another in a gauntlet style competition. Each will choose their teammates and be at the mercy of the casters’ spinning wheel. This wheel of fate will decide which map, game type, team size and Halo title the matches will be played on. The winner will receive $5,000 to donate to the charity of their choice, but more importantly, be able to say they beat the other.

So who’s side are you on? Who do you think will win? Show your support on Twitter using the hashtags #TeamSnip3down or #TeamLethul.