With Frosty moving to Call of Duty and Royal 2 originally saying he wouldn’t be competing, everyone was wondering what would happen to the TOX Gaming roster now that Halo 5 has concluded. When UGC’s Halo Classic was announced, the duo of Lethul and SnakeBite were joined by Eco and APG, formerly of Splyce and Renegades. The team went on to take 1st place in the tournament.

Before the event, Royal 2 had stated that he would, in fact, be competing and SnakeBite had confirmed that he would be playing under the TOX banner. SnakeBite had also mentioned that the player he would be replacing knew the situation going into the event, so there would be no hard feelings.

It is now confirmed via Royal 2 that he has joined the squad and replaced Eco, making the roster SnakeBite, Lethul, APG, and Royal 2.


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