A new, 1v1 ranked playlist was added to Halo 5 today, called Head to Head. It’s being described as a round-based Slayer mode. Each match lasts three rounds with each round going to five kills. Winning two out of the three rounds doesn’t necessarily win you the match though. Here are the details taken from the Waypoint article by Unyshek:

  • When you win two rounds in a row, the game ends with you as the victor
  • If you lose two rounds in a row, the game ends before things get too out of hand
  • If both of you win a round, the series goes to a decisive third round
    • It’s important to note that by the end of this third and final round, you will need to make sure you have more kills than the opponent does for the entire match. For example after a Round 1 where you lose 0-5 and a Round 2 where you win 5-4, the enemy has 9 kills and you only have 5 kills in total. This means in Round 3, you’ll need to account for total kills in the match, so winning 5-4 again won’t cut it as you’d only have 10 total kills compared to their 13 total kills. After a Round 1 & 2 scoreline above, you’d need a 4-0 or 5-1 performance in Round 3 to tie or a 5-0 to win the entire match outright. It may be round-based, but this is still a Slayer game mode at its core – the player with the most kills at the end of the match wins.

There is also a new power-up that will be on the maps, called Sense. This power-up will give you radar for 20 seconds. Default power-ups have been removed because “we felt like most of them gave too much of an advantage for too much time in these 1v1 matches.”

The maps featured in the playlist are all community made. They are Cepheus, Devotion, Faultline, Junglerock, These Walls, Third Gear, and Transgression.


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