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Wichita Esports Convention Halo 3 2v2 and FFA Results

By February 3, 2019 No Comments

This weekend at the Wichita Esports Convention in Kansas, Midwest Esports held Halo 3 FFA and 2v2 tournaments. You can view the results and brackets for each tournament below. Midwest Esports puts on a bunch of Halo tournaments, so if you’re from that region be sure to check them out.


1st – Savagecat

2nd – BMTradition

3rd – Lumpelicious

4th – Skiz

5th – Riflist

6th – idolize

7th – Tspite

8th – Godfist


1stKing of Sharts – Asavagecat & Riflist

2ndAntiperspirant – Lumpelicious & Idolize

3rdThe Bandits – BMTradition & Skiz

4th –  TMC – N/A

5thEndless Waltz – Tspite & Godfist