Postums has posted information about a playlist update made today to the Master Chief Collection. You can find the changes below or head over to Waypoint to view the full forum post.

Social Games

  • 4v4 – H3 – Assault: One Bomb Assault (BR) has been added for Ghost Town and Orbital.
  • 4v4 – H3 – Assault: Neutral Bomb Assault (BR) is replacing Multi Bomb Assault on Citadel, Heretic, and Isolation.
  • 8v8 – H3 – King of the Hill: Added Crazy King (BR) to Valhalla, Rat’s Nest, Standoff, and Longshore.

Competitive Games

  • H3 Team Arena: Neutral Bomb has replaced Multi Bomb on Heretic and Isolation.
  • H3 Team Arena: Blackout – Oddball: An exploit to get out of the map has been fixed.


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