Over on Waypoint, Unyshek has posted some updates that have been made to the Free-For-All and Doubles playlists for the Halo 5 Spring Season.

In Free-For-All, you’ll find some new maps that have been added and updated including Echelon, Furnace, Seclusion, and White Cell.

White Cell




In the Doubles playlist, a bunch of tweaks have been made to Coliseum, Eden, Molten, Plaza, and The Rig to make them suitable for the playlist’s settings:


  • Reevaluated weapon locations, ammo and spawn times to better suit 2v2
  • Notably the sniper was repositioned to the bottom of lift in a more easily contested area while eliminating some of the ‘peek-a-boo’ engagements horizontally across Green Tower’s platform
  • Legs were added to Red/Blue Yard to Yellow Tower to provide alternate approaches to Overshield
  • Cover pieces on Yellow Tower were pushed out toward ‘slide’ to make it slightly easier to counter when players are hiding behind it
  • Ramps were added beside lift to Green Tower to empower players moving upward without as many teammates to pressure players holding Top Mid
  • Alcoves behind each base were significantly reduced to prevent a near 180 degree turn when approaching an opponent fleeing to this area


  • Reevaluated weapon locations, ammo and spawn times to better suit 2v2
  • Power-weapons aligned in the center to encourage more pushes outside of the bases
  • Bottom Mid under Catwalk was blocked off to provide more cover when making pushes through bottom
  • Added a more identifiable clamber route from Red Yard to Catwalk to create more symmetry in pathing
  • Added a small cover piece to Red Window to allow players to move into Red Nest without being scene and also to parallel blue window
  • Hump added to lower catwalk to allow players to disengage battles or drop down to new Camo spawn without having to jump. Jump to Catwalk is now possible with one jump + clamber instead of 2 jumps; one onto the railing and then a second into the clamber
  • Red Sneaky ledge size reduced to allow quicker visibility from approaching players
  • Spawns adjusted for more balanced initial rushes


  • Reevaluated weapon locations, ammo and spawn times to better suit 2v2
  • Relocated Camo to neutral position and maintained visibility through grates in Delta room
  • Jump path added between Fridge Ramp and Delta to improve flow when making pushes toward back Delta
  • Cleaned up geometry near Eastgate that would often snag players
  • Added clamber route from Station side of Lava Falls to Top Base
  • Removed ankle snag from Control window overlooking Lava Falls by allowing players to walk out of it instead of jump
  • Added visual indicator via scripted lights if someone sitting on nerdy ledge outside of Delta
  • Improved spawning on Red side (Bunker and Control)


  • Reevaluated weapon locations, ammo and spawn times to better suit 2v2
  • Block corner of red spawn’s Tram to help funnel and reduce ‘Ring around the rosy’ moments
  • Sealed up lift hallway to help funnel and eliminate ‘peek-a-boo’ as well as an often-undesirable spawn located below
  • Blocked off elevator alcove from plaza
  • Pushed spawns forward slightly in Café to reduce spawn-killing potential with the Sniper Rifle

The Rig

  • Change starting spawns for more balanced initial rush in time and positioning
  • Reevaluated weapon locations, ammo and spawn times to better suit 2v2
  • Weapon pad relocated to open deck to provide more engagement opportunities when contesting
  • Removed snag when trying to slide boost through Pit Door
  • Cleaned up geometry near Cargo that would often snag players
  • Improved spawning around Bunker

Click here for the full Free-For-All post and here for the Doubles post.