Ske7ch has posted the March Update for the Master Chief Collection over on Waypoint that went live today. As far as competitive updates and changes go, only Halo 2 Classic and Anniversary received any:

  • H2C Team Arena is replaced with H2C Team Hardcore.
  • All H2C Arena contents can still be played in Match Composer
  • Betrayal and Suicide penalties have been disabled in Hardcore
  • H2A Team Arena is replaced with H2A Team Hardcore.
  • These are the original HCS maps and settings

There were also a bunch of changes to Halo CE and both Halo 2’s Social games:

  • Halo CE Action Sack game types added
    • Team Muskets: A Team Slayer variant consisting of no shields and shotguns (Similar to ShWATguns from later titles, just with more health)
    • Team Reign: An Oddball variant where a player on each team is ‘it’ and must be protected at all costs
    • Rocketball. Who doesn’t love blowing up a friend? (Yes this is what it sounds like – Oddball with Rockets)
  • 4v4 HCE Action Sack: Chiron TL-34, Chill Out, and Rat Race support Team Muskets
  • 4v4 HCE Action Sack: Battle Creek, Chill Out, and Wizard support Team Rocketball
  • 4v4 HCE Action Sack: Moved Reverse Tag on Damnation from Asset Denial to Action Sack
  • 4v4 HCE Action Sack: Chill Out, Longest, and Rat Race support Team Reign
  • 4v4 H2C Snipers: Added Lockout, Midship, Beaver Creek, and Sanctuary and re-tuned weighting
  • 2v2v2v2 Action Sack: Score to win in Fiesta increased from 25 to 50
  • 8v8 H2A Flag and Bomb: Reduced number of rounds from 6 to 4 for One Flag CTF and One Bomb Assault
  • 8v8 H2A Zone Control: Added attack/defend Territories to Remnant and Stonetown
  • 8v8 H2A all: Disabled Sudden Death and better aligned game settings across modes

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