A few months back at DreamHack Atlanta, it was announced that the competitive Halo scene was shifting it’s focus from Halo 5 back to Halo 3 on the Master Chief Collection. With that, many said that Halo 5 was dead, but many also refused to believe so, including TheAbstractKidd and Seth_Dorris. That’s when the two decided to start a fun, yet competitive league for everyone and anyone that still enjoyed Halo 5 called the Halo Draft League.

The first season consisted of 10 teams facing off in four weeks of regular season play, going into playoffs and then the championship match. It was hard fought with moments of joy and pain, triumph and defeat shared by players, casters and viewers culminating in an exciting post season.

Scarzz Esports, made up of Fireboy Jet, Colxpse, Flurriously, EW Lava, and WeakenedChicken were an underdog fourth seed going into the playoffs. They won against Spellbound Gaming and Safetys Off sending them into the Grand Finals where they beat Stay Trippin and took home the title of the inaugural Season 1 Champions of the Halo Draft League.

Do you think you have what it takes to take down the reigning champs? Season 2 is just around the corner! In order to join the most exciting league today in Halo 5 all you have to do is join the Halo Draft League Discord and participate in one or both FFA’s that will be hosted March 15th and 16th to create player ranks. From the FFA results, captains will be selected to pick their teams in the draft. If you can’t make either of the FFA matches, don’t worry. There are 8’s lobbies gearing up just about every night where you can showcase your skills.

The upcoming season is already shaping up to be way bigger than the first and because of that there will now be two leagues under the HDL umbrella, the Champion League and Challenger League. Both leagues will be independent of each other to allow people from all skill levels to participate. The Champion League will consist of two 8 team divisions and the Challenger League will have one 10 team division.

The draft for the Champion League will be held on March 22nd and the Challenger League on March 23rd. If you don’t make a team in either draft, there is still hope. You will go into the Free Agent pool. Teams can draw from this pool of players throughout the season if they have teammates drop. Last season, this pool was completely used up.

The season will begin March 30th and will go for two months and three weeks with an All-Star break before the post season begins. Each team will compete in 22 matches over the course of the season with two matches played per week. Playoffs will start June 29th. The Champion League playoffs will be a double elimination tournament between the top four teams from each division. The Challenger League playoffs will consist of the top 4 teams from the league as well as the bottom 2 teams from the Champion League.

As of today, there are over 180 competitors registered for this season, but it’s not too late for you to join! Don’t want to play but want to watch? Matches will be streamed with casting commentary on Twitch! Don’t hesitate and join the fastest growing community in Halo!