On the latest episode of Inside Xbox, Ske7ch dropped the big announcement that the Master Chief Collection is coming to PC. Here’s what we know so far:

  • The game will be released on Steam and the Microsoft store “later this year”.
  • Full Halo collection will not be available at launch; games will be released one at a time to ensure they all work/run appropriately.
  • The full version of Halo: Reach (multiplayer, campaign, and firefight) will be the first game available with the others being released in chronological order.
  • Ruffian Games, Kornner Studios, and Splash Damage will be co-developing the PC version with 343.

Ske7ch also mentioned they will talk more about this at the HCS Invitational this weekend.

As far as Halo esports on PC goes, Tashi tweeted that they will talk a little about it this weekend at the HCS Invitational, but don’t expect any major announcement.

You can read the full announcement over on Waypoint.