Yesterday’s UGC Double Down tournament has wrapped up and you can find the bracket and placements below. Head to the UGC Esports tournament page for full information. The next tournament will take place on March 18th.

1stP+N – pRivate 99 & King Nicck – $100
2ndCwell Fellas – Cwell Napz & FN Notorious
3rd/4thAthreeist – FOSTOR CHILD & BigOlBacon
3rd/4thXBC Champs – H1 Doughboy & Pacmayne
5th/8thFlerkins – Mazrimce & EnigmaCE
5th/8thZach/Paul – LD50_II & PaullShii
5th/8thCampaign Warriors – POSEIDONS BR & BxSouljah
5th/8thTeam Broadside – Enc0urage & TruELiTE

*Campaign Warrior and XBC Champs were swapped in the bracket*


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