There were some playlist updates rolled out today for MCC. You can find them below:

Social Games

  • HCE 4v4 Zone Control: Added Battle Creek, Hang Em High, and Wizard King of the Hill.
  • HCE 4v4 Asset Denial: Added Wizard and Longest Oddball.
  • H2A 4v4 Flag & Bomb: Added Sanctuary Ricochet.
  • H3 4v4 Slayer: Removed AR starts from Last Resort and Standoff, added BR starts to Construct, Foundry, Snowbound, Standoff, Cold Storage, and Assembly, and reduced AR starts weight across all maps.

Competitive Games

  • H2C & H2A Team Hardcore: Increased Objective weight relative to Slayer for each map.

You can find the original posting by Postums over on Waypoint.