This past Sunday, EU tournament organizer Nightfall held their first Halo 5 tournament. The tournament consisted of 16 teams that had to fight through Group Play to make it through to the single-elimination bracket. The Top 8 teams are listed below along with the bracket. Give Nightfall a follow on Twitter for news and announcements on upcoming EU tournaments.

1stSekiro >> – SLG, Nurix, Shaady, M2squarxd
2ndMock-it – Looney, Squashy, Batchford, Doodle DHP
3rd/4thAssualts roids – Luckless_EU, aDeadeye, Outkast, DeZire TB
3rd/4thMy pp hard – Thuru, AG Spaaw, Alpha 5s, FabE Speed
5th/8thBurger – LegeeendZ, BH3 Kronos, SIICA, Xumaaaas
5th/8thMazer – Flamez, Hollers, Snipedrone, Havoc
5th/8thAnton mjölkar – HeresToNow, Cr0ssman, Karby, Prhopet
5th/8thSoSnaked – Prospectful, Mysta, Lumizur, Zukna