There’s been a number of playlist updates made to the Master Chief Collection:

    • Social Games – 4v4 – Slayer
      • Halo CE: Reduced score limit from 75 to 50
    • Social Games – 8v8 – Slayer
      • Halo CE: Disabled radar in Slayer
      • H2A: Added Assault Rifle secondary weapon in Slayer
    • Social Games – 8v8 – Flag & Bomb
      • Halo CE: Disabled radar, disabled flag-at-home-to-score, and disabled touch return in Capture the Flag
    • Social Games – 8v8 – Zone Control
      • Halo CE: Disabled radar in King of the Hill
      • Halo CE: Disabled hill movement in King of the Hill on Blood Gulch
      • Halo 4: Increased score-to-win from 5 to 10 in Extraction
    • Social Games – 8v8 – Asset Denial
      • Halo 4: Increased score-to-win from 800 to 1200 in Regicide playlists.
    • Next week, Free-For-All will be added to the social gametypes for all titles and Lone Wolves will be rotated out
    • Skill-based matchmaking parameters are being added to social games. This will “prefer matches of comparable skill but will not require them.”

Also mentioned is the possibility of adding Snipers to the 8v8 game size in Match Composer as well as new maps.

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