Esports organization, Lux Gaming have acquired the Orlando Force in the Pro Battle League.

From PBL:

We have gotten to know the people at Lux Gaming over the last few months. It is easy to be very impressed with their commitment to developing an outstanding esports organization that really cares about the community. Therefore, it is with great excitement that we can announce that Lux Gaming has acquired the Orlando Force.  We know that the addition of Lux Gaming to the PBL system means we will have their help to create a league that is truly unique.

Lux Gaming has shown a consistent ability to attract and manage esports talent. They are coming off their best finish in a Halo event with a 2nd place finish at Gamers for Giving.  We look forward to their influence on the PBL as we continually grow our multi-tier regional esports system. Our focus on innovating in the esports space will certainly be enhanced by having Lux Gaming a part of the league.

Get ready to watch the Force become a premier Florida region esports organization. If you are a Florida player, you can connect with the team on Twitter @PBLForce and on their discord at  ORLANDO FORCE.

From Lux Gaming:


Creator of Noob Combo.