The Microsoft Store 2v2 Community Series continued all across North America today with the Top 4 teams from this month competing against one another to take the top spot. The next Community Series will take place on May 19th and will be broadcasted on Halo’s Mixer channel. You can find the closest participating Microsoft Store to you and register at the page.

1st – Woodfield Mall – Chicago, IL – LOBOS – Pixillized & bBuLLxt
2nd – La Cantera – San Antonio, TX – Janitor’s Closet – JANITORS BR & Bandamonium
3rd/4th – South Coast Plaza – Costa Mesa, CA – Carrington Squad – N1ghtwalker 823 & RemissDiagram33
3rd/4th – Square One – Mississauga, ON – BBB – Mr SN34kY & ON3 SH0T SN1P3R