The Bad Guys have issued an open challenge to any team that can take them down in Big Team Battle. It is free to enter, but you must play by their rules:

  1. Play a best of 11 series
  2. All maps, gametypes and team colors will be picked by The Bad Guys
  3. All games will be played on their host (all US hosts)
  4. Challening team must download all Halo titles. This is mainly a H3 challenge, but other Halos will be played.
  5. Maps/gametypes/replays will be decided upon The Bad Guys’ discretion
  6. No cheating. No DDoSing/standbying
  7. No smurfing. Elites are permitted.

If you think you have a team that can take these guys down, send a message to Legitsky or BRWhy at the following:

Xbox – Legitsky
Twitter – @Legitsky_ or @Halo3Community
Twitch – Legitsky_ or Halo3


Creator of Noob Combo.