A playlist update rolled out today for MCC. The update included two updates for Social games and one for Competitive. Here are the details taken from Waypoint:

Halo 3 – DreamHack Dallas H3 FFA – 8p FFA

  • Players spawn with BRs, 110% movement speed, 110% damage, and radar is enabled.
  • The score-to-win is unlimited, and the time limit is 12 minutes.
  • Matches are played on MLG Heretic FFA.

These are the official game settings for the H3 FFA taking place at Dreamhack Dallas on May 31 – June 2.

Halo 3 – Action Sack – 8p FFA

  • Increased the weight of racetracks in Action Sack for H3 in social 8p FFA

Halo 2 – Action Sack – 4v4

  • Added Yappening game types
  • Methane Moshpit on Lockout
  • Ball Grab on Midship
  • Brute Shoot on Elongation