The Head to Head playlist has returned to Halo 5 to round out the Spring 2019 Season and with that are some changes. The changes, posted by Unyshek on Waypoint, are below.


  • Minor geometry adjustments to improve the flow and balance of the maps or to remove exploits
  • Repaired several inconsistent or broken clambers
  • Improved respawn locations to decrease spawn killing
  • Adjustments to weapon respawn times, ammo count, and weapon spawn locations

Game Modes

  • Reduced the respawn time from 5 seconds to 3 seconds to reduce the opponents time to set up after engagements, decrease spawn predictability, and to add meaning to damage dealt on the opponent after losing an engagement

Sense Power-Up

  • Added audible sound indicating final three seconds before losing the Motion Sensor, and another for the moment when it has fully expired
  • Lighting effects tweaked to look and animate closer to the experience of stock Halo 5 Power-Ups
  • Ability and expiration of ability are both timed with the slamming of the power-up into your spartan’s chest, as with stock Halo 5 Power-Ups
  • Fixed bug where players did not always lose the Motion Sensor if a new round started while the trait was still active on a player
  • Fixed a bug where join in progress broke scripts (only necessary for use in Custom Games)
  • Inactive players will be tagged with a Nav Point, which will momentarily show their location to the opposing player and give an audible signal. This feature is intended to add risk to those attempting to camp for extended periods of time in order to burn out the clock
  • Visual effects now rotate to give players identical visibility from all angles, and because it looks cool


Creator of Noob Combo.