The first of Europa Halo‘s Team Takedown tournaments took place today. The tournament’s format was 4v4, single-elimination with group play and was played on Halo 5 with HCS settings. The Top 8 are posted below as well as the bracket. For more information, head to the Toornament page. The next Europa Halo tournament is the Double Down that will be held on June 9th. Registration is open now.

1stMock Mock – Looney, Batchford, Squashy, Doodle DHP
2ndStattyIDagger – Alpha 5s, Kimbo, SLG, ShabbyDagger
3rd/4thValid Sports – Cr0ssMan, IHerculis, HeresToNow, Karby
3rd/4thGénération Miracle – LegeeendZ, SIICA, BH3 Kronos, Novalkpote
5th/8thNot so Vicious – DeZireTB, Luckless, Havoc, Outkast
5th/8th4 cards – NQOBY, KL444s, BroKeN Pr0M, Nadestrafes
5th/8thKUGELSKREIBER – i Thuru i, Assault, R0bbersdaughter, Invasio
5th/8thLes Zinzin de l’Espace – Qnizuka, Naptime, XuMaaaaS, Xsjad0