The latest playlist update for the Master Chief Collection is all about the 4v4 Snipers playlist. Here’s what changed:

  • Big Team Battle maps have been removed from Snipers on all games
  • Sniper Hill has been removed from all maps except for Guardian, Citadel, and Heretic and the weight of the game type has been reduced
  • Radar has been re-enabled in Halo 3
  • Battle Creek, Damnation, Prisoner, Hang ‘Em High, Chill Out, Boarding Action added to H1 Sniper Slayer
  • Lockout, Ascension, Midship, Ivory Tower, Beaver Creek, Colossus, Sanctuary, Turf, Tombstone added to H2C Sniper Slayer
  • Lockdown, Zenith, Shrine added to H2A Sniper Slayer
  • Construct, Guardian, Isolation, Narrows, Snowbound, The Pit, Blackout, Assembly, Citadel, Heretic added to H3 Sniper Slayer
  • Guardian, Citadel, Heretic added to H3 Sniper Hill
  • Adrift, Abandon, Haven, Solace, Landfall, Monolith, Skyline, Pitfall, Vertigo added to H4 Sniper Slayer

Also mentioned in the Waypoint post are some things that will be coming to MCC in the future. The first is that 8v8 Snipers will be enabled in the Match Composer in the upcoming weeks. The maps for this will be Blood Gulch, Burial Mounds, and Standoff. Secondly, H1 will soon be added in the 8v8 Action Sack category.


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