This past Saturday, SWAT Nation held their female-only, Femme Fatale 2v2 tournament. During the match between Thicc Jawns Only and Inefable, the eligibility of Inefable was challenged/questioned and were disqualified later in the tournament. Queen x3, one of the players for Thicc Jawns Only, has posted a link on Twitter to a TwitLonger describing her experience during the competition which you can read at this link.

SWAT Nation has posted a statement on their website regarding the tournament:

Being part of SWAT Nation is one of the most incredible experiences we’ve had in our lives. We’ve seen it grow so much, hosted amazing tourneys and events, and created a very special community. We have no doubt we are the most positive and friendly Halo community out there.

Yesterday was a rough day. We were very excited and passionate about organizing the first ladies-only SWAT tournament for our community. We wanted to create a special event and bring more people together.

It was a situation that was hard to assess. When we did the mic/cam check and saw both competitors in the same room, and the way they had their setups, we could realize that first, they were not close to each other to have a single camera to point at both of them at the same time. We managed to help one of the competitors setup the Skype call and walk them through the process of installing it, setting it up, get Windows permissions up so camera and mic worked. It was particularly challenging as one of them apparently wasn’t familiar with it at all and we had to go through every step of it. When ready, we got help from some ladies of the FPL community to handle the situation, and monitor the video and audio feeds on Skype. Guaranteeing gender verification was harder than we thought. Nothing is bullet-proof, except running events at a LAN.

We did everything we could with the resources we had. We had all the implicated parts on a Skype call with their mics turned on, and a female player monitoring the conference. When they failed to cam check during the finals, we disqualified the team, and ended the tournament. Honestly, it was crazy what was happening behind doors while we tried to address everything. We had to play it by ear as we had no prior knowledge of all the logistics implied in a female-only tournament. We’re deeply sorry about this.

We want to extend the most sincere apology to everybody affected by this. Due to this incident, we have decided to make a complete re-run of the 2v2 SWAT Femme Fatale Edition tournament with the exact same teams, except the team that was disqualified. We can either keep the same bracket, inserting a “BYE” in the disqualified spot, or we can do a complete re-roll of the bracket, without the aforementioned team of course. We’ll ask the the participating teams what would they prefer.

Prize money that was already paid doesn’t have to be returned. You all competed and earned it. We’ll have another $500 USD prize pool assigned for the re-run. We still need to play the match for the 3rd prize, and we’ll be coordinating with the teams to do it this week, on stream, with all rules applied. They’ll be playing for a $100 USD prize pool.

We learned our lessons, and we always want the best for our community. We’ll implement more strict rules regarding cam/mic checks, and we’ll do everything we can to provide the best experience we can. In the end, we run, fund, and make all of this for the love of the game and the community.

We have also parted ways with MephBear. His comments/actions made during the tournament do not reflect SWAT Nation or any of its members in any way, and we would like to apologize to anyone offended.

We’re looking into implementing new rules for these types of tournaments. As much as we would like to require that all players must stream their matches, we understand that not everyone has the means of doing so and/or is comfortable doing so. We also understand that it is easy to simply show up on camera for a brief moment while an eligibility check is in progress and hand off the controller once the camera is off. We will be consulting with members of the competitive community, both male and female, for their input and in the end, do what we think is fair for everyone.

We’ve created a dedicated channel on our Discord for anybody that needs any type of assistance during tournaments. You can join our Discord at The channel is #support under the Tournaments category.

The tentative date for the re-run is Swaturday, July 6 2019. We’ve spoken to some players, and some need more time as they have personal stuff to deal with, such as moving, vacation, and others.

Thanks for being such an amazing community. We can’t wait to see you all again for some fierce SWAT competition.

Much love,

SWAT Nation

EDIT: MephBear has also made a statement on Twitter:

I never thought I’d have to be formal on here, nor am I going to address the cause for this tweet thing. However, because my integrity has become a point of contention, despite over a decade of meritorious service, I believe I wouldn’t be able to reassert my position in the eyes of the people/internet. As such, I feel it is necessary for me to resign as a member of SwatNation, an action I take because I do not wish to have my name be a point of contention in their future endeavors. The group has a sense of honor and passion that is beyond reproach, which does not need to be drug through the trenches. My leaving the group is not to placate idle chatter rather, it is for them to have the ability to move forward and continue the great work that caused so much excitement within me that I became somewhat known for my actions, through my donations to a myriad of small streamers and the like. I will most likely tone down my presence on twitter, twitch, and anywhere else as this experience is new to me and has impressed upon me that my personality doesn’t fit well in these environments. Moving forward, I hope my resignation satiates the crowd and SwatNation is to be remembered hence forth as a group with incontestable integrity and has within people who truly care to promote and grow the halo community, all of it.