The latest playlist update for the Master Chief Collection has been posted over on Waypoint by Postums. This week’s update is primarily focused on the new Halo CE 8v8 Mayhem in the Social playlist:

  • Enabled Action Sack category for Halo CE in the 8v8 game size in social matchmaking for Mayhem game types.
  • Added Mayhem Slayer with 250 kills to win to Battle Creek, Rat Race, Hang ‘Em High, Derelict, and Longest.
  • Added One Flag Siege with two-minute offense and five captures to win on Battle Creek.
  • Added Two Flag CTF to Hang ‘Em High.
  • Added static KotH to Battle Creek.
  • Added moving hill KotH to Damnation, Rat Race, and Derelict.

Halo 4 also has had Panic Station and Excavation removed from Slayer and CTF game modes in 8v8.

There’s an update on the changes to the banning system as well. As of yesterday, if you quit after a match has been locked in, you will receive a ban. A match is locked in during the matching players screen before the loading screen. If you dodge/quit a match you can still search and complete another if the original match is still taking place. The system waits for the dodged match to end and then checks for missing players and bans accordingly. If you are thinking about quitting a match after another player has dodged/quit from the loading screen and are one of the first two to do so, you will also receive a ban. This last scenario is being looked into to be resolved.