*Updated 5/26*

The total points from the UGC DreamHack Dallas Qualifiers have been calculated. We’ve put together a list of teams from most points to least based off of the results. Points from each qualifier were awarded to players individually and our list is the total of those points based off of rosters that we are aware of. Note that these are not official and there is still the chance for players to move around/points to be corrected. The top 12 teams with the most points will be put directly into Group Play at DreamHack Dallas.

Nfinite – 1810 points – bubu dubu, Shotzzy, Tusk, Falcated
TOX Gaming – 1560 points – SnakeBite, Lethul, APG, Royal 2
Lux Gaming – 890 points – Gilkey, Rayne, WANWerd, Penguin
GMS – 780 points- Gabriel, Fantasy, TriPPPey, Zurka
Falling Esports– 640 points – Ace, Neighbor, Frosty, Eco
Mason Minotaurs – 590 points – Rammyy, Swift Kill, Stormy 628, Munoz
Denial – 570 points – Shele, Str8Sick, Aries, D3MON D
Sage Esports – 560 points – Cloud, Ryanoob, Goofy, Commonly
Reciprocity – 320 points – Snipedown, Roy, Pistola, Lunchbox

Some players to keep in mind that have significant points:

290 Points

150 Points

140 Points


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