The latest development update for MCC has been posted over on Waypoint by Postums. It’s quite lengthy but here’s the meat and potatoes:

  • Four goals for the introduction of Reach to MCC
    • Provide a robust playlist lineup for Reach players on day one
    • Highlight the most unique and definitive Reach game modes and maps
    • Respect legacy where possible, but intelligently diverge from legacy behavior where necessary to provide best experience for modern audience
    • Build a strong foundation for future matchmaking updates in sustain
  • Match Composer game categories:
    • Slayer category will include DMR (high weight) and AR/Pistol (low weight) variants
    • Flag & Bomb will include Stockpile in addition to Multi/One Flag CTF and Multi/Neutral/One Bomb Assault
    • Zone Control will include KotH and Territories
    • Asset Denial will include Headhunter in addition to Oddball
    • Action Sack will include modes like Elite Slayer, Dino Blasters, Bro Slayer, Flag Slayer, and Speedpile in addition to Fiesta
  • Reach will launch with Title Update 1.1 settings (click here for information on that update) with the exception of Grifball and Infection
  • Two ranked playlists will launch with Reach
    • Regular hardcore playlist similar to H3 and H2C
    • NBNS (no-bloom-no-sprint) MLG V7 maps and game variants
  • Invasion will also be a competitive playlist
    • Will include Boneyard, Breakpoint, and Spire and not include Invasion Slayer/Invasion Skirmish modes
  • Firefight will be hosted on dedicated servers and receive ongoing updates and rotations like PVP playlists
  • Campaign missions will receive playlists that will include missions and specific parts of missions as themed experiences
  • Character customization will be in Reach in “a way not seen in MCC before”

The post then includes interviews with Ruffian Games, who are helping develop MCC on PC, and engineers Andrew Schnickel and Sean “Scoops” Cooper. In these interviews Ruffian talks about how things are have been going for them while Schnickel and Cooper go over topics such as FOV sliders and frame rates and the issues that they’ve encountered.

A new progression system is coming to MCC. 343i Publishing Team Director, Max Szlagor states “Halo: Reach featured a compelling progression system and a series of interesting unlockables to strive for. We set out to include the same customization options in MCC while looking to modernize the progression system that existed in Halo: Reach.”

  • Matches played on dedicated servers will award profile XP based on medals earned under two categories: performance and teamwork.
    • XP will also be awarded for completing matches
    • XP can be earned by playing any MCC title
  • In the future, MCC will include uniquely themed “game seasons”
    • Reaching certain levels or completing challenges will award points that can be spent to unlock seasonal based rewards like armor pieces, Reach: Firefight voices, and nameplates
    • Multiple tiers of seasonal unlocks and each tier can include several items
      • Tier must be unlocked before the next becomes available
    • Ranks for competitive playlists will be reset at the beginning of each season and playlists will be configured
  • Daily and weekly challenges are being looked into

Lastly, the Reach campaign mission “Tip of the Spear” will be playable on PC at E3.