Congratulations to Shotzzy and Falcated for winning the Carolina Gaming League Halo 2v2 tournament yesterday that featured over 20 teams. It was a an online, double-elimination bracket played on Halo 3. The Top 8 placements and bracket are posted for you below. For more details about the tournament, including rosters, head to the event’s Toornament page.

1stIC – Shotzzy & Falcated – $400
2ndRat Pack – Tusk & Guntype
3rdBallsacks – Dragonite & Heaven
4th15yrGalaxy – l5yr & Galaxy
5th/6thFrostFire – ATO Frostbite & GunFiiree
5th/6thYogurt – Shame & Lil Avian
7th/8thCrux – Royal Blood & ToysoldieR
7th/8thOhana – UnboltedHarp232 & OutmodedSnow140


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