HCS has officially announced that The Beach LAN is the latest HCS Grassroots partner.

“We’re excited to announce the newest #HCS Grassroots Community TO, @TheBeachLAN! This annual LAN event has fostered Halo: CE competition for years and we’re glad to support the next one on August 10-17!”

The Beach LAN is an annual gathering of the best Halo: CE players from all over fighting to be #1 as well as take home some prize money. The event is held in Tampa, Florida and typically draws 50+ players. The tournament is a 2v2 format and is played on modded, original Xbox’s with Halo 1: NHE (Neutral Host Edition) installed.

This year’s tournament takes place from August 10th through August 17th and has a $1,200 prize pool. You can catch all the classic action at Twitch.tv/beachlan.