The MCC Development Update for June has been posted by Postums over on Waypoint. Here’s a quick, brief rundown of what it included:

343 will be holding a one time only copy of Forged maps and gametypes from Halo 3, Halo 4, and Halo: Reach to bring them to MCC. Every Xbox Live account with maps and modes on their file share will be included. There is no date set yet for when this will happen, but they recommend you upload your files ASAP. Locally stored files will not be copied. Unfortunately, clips, screenshots, and films cannot be copied. The copy will take place over two days, one for maps and the other for game modes. Access to these files are currently planned to become available once the games become available on PC. Players will have to login to MCC on Xbox once the update releases and the files will be copied to you and become available in your local files (this goes for PC as well as Xbox).

If you’re attending Halo: Outpost Discovery, there will be the latest Insider builds of Halo: Reach available for you to play. Event dates are:

  • July 5-7, Orlando, FL
  • July 19-21, Philadelphia, PA
  • Aug 2-4, Chicago, IL
  • Aug 16-18, Houston, TX
  • Aug 30 to Sep 1, Anaheim, CA

As far as seasons and the new progression system with unlocks go, Postums spoke with MCC Design Director, Max Szlagor to answer some questions and clarify some things.

  • A season will include a unique theme, new playlists and featured modes with a series of unlockables. Playlists and modes will rotate with popular ones possibly being reinstated from time to time.
  • After a season ends, content from that season will still be available to earn and unlock. When a new season begins, you will be able to choose which content you would like to work on unlocking, even if it’s from the previous season.
  • When a season launches, players will earn seasonal points by gaining XP and leveling up your global rank through completing activities in the game that are played on dedicated servers (multiplayer matchmaking and online Firefight).
    • XP will be awarded based on the length of the match and medals earned, with medals earned accounting for most of the XP. Medals will award XP in two primary categories; performance and teamwork. Performance medals include things such as kill streaks, style kills, and objective medals like flag captures. Teamwork medals are awarded for in-game actions like assists, protecting another player, or contributing to a score in objective game types. XP will be capped for all the categories; time, performance, and teamwork per match.
    • Season points will be able to be redeemed for Reach armor, armor effects, Firefight voices, and profile items like nameplates. Other profile items will become available in the future and possible more unlockables.
  • Players can level up their Global rank and playlist rank from gaining XP. Each level will have a unique name and icon. Playlist ranks will be the same as they currently are in MCC, but will reset with each season. Global ranks will roll over from season to season. Once a player max’s out their global rank, around 30 levels, a unique rank will appear.
  • Additional content for other MCC titles, such as skins, armor, and visor colors are being looked into.

(Emblem prototypes for Global rankings)

Some questions from the community are answered. Here are the ones (that we know of) that haven’t been answered yet:

What will Cross Play look like at launch?

Cross play on PC from Windows Store and Steam will be something we are aiming to have fully functional at launch for each title. Cross play between console and PC is something we will be investigating after launch.

Will there be Linux support?

There are no current plans for Linux support.

Will we flight Firefight?

Yes. We will be Fireflighting at some point. Currently no date set in stone as there is a lot of work going on around it, but our goal is for Public Flight 2 to be our FireFlight.

Click here to read the full update, including the full interview with Max Szlagor and another with Michael Fahrny, Lead Producer on MCC PC, as well as as an E3 recap and information on public flighting.