SWAT Nation‘s Swatdependence tournament was held this past Saturday and was a little different than anything they’ve held in the past. The tournament was a Halo 5 4v4, double-eliminaton bracket using SWAT settings, but this time instead of the gametype being Slayer, the teams played objective gametypes. We’ve posted the Top 8 teams below along with the bracket. SWAT Nation’s next event is the Once Upon A SWAT 2v2 on Sunday, July 28th.

1stmask on – Falcated, Bound, Sabinater, Mr Soul Snipe – $250
2ndAbracadabra – Articc, bubu dubu, Danoxide, Druk84 – $150
3rdAshley’s Avocados – Tryant, Sucka, Halogan, Smoke YaDig – $100
4thHumid-a-titties – NsG Cereal, Doodle DHP, Sixten, Batchford
5th/6thSwat Spades – Xscape, Death Penalty, Max IVI Payne, Adduracy TTV
5th/6thThots and Bots – Veronickuhhh, Mynx, Floppie, Swish 5s
7th/8thS.W.A.T. – sSicky, SLG, Luundy, Taplown
7th/8thThe Soggy Bottom Boys – DuckEmojii, Simian Samuraii, Darryy, PixelPeet