Postums has dropped the latest Development Update for MCC. Here’s a very brief list of what’s mentioned:

  • New character customization and progression system is challenging due to the amount of memory it requires in addition to the memory Unreal Engine 4 uses, which is needed for the new system. MCC already pushes close to the memory limit on original Xbox One consoles.
    • Flighting for Xbox One will continued to be delayed and will continue only on PC for now.
  • Next flight, Firefight, is still in development. Flight #3 will be focused on PvP matchmaking.
  • Team is working on bringing Halo CE as close to the original as possible. List of issues:
    • Key Community reported Issues to investigate during development for HCE in MCC PC:
      • Player camo state desyncs on pickup of camo as camo wears off
      • Teleporter behavior differs from Legacy Halo CE
      • There are differences between original HCE maps and MCC HCE maps
      • Classic MP audio is not used in MP
      • Please consider using the original version’s weapon tags
      • These issues are going to be investigated to see what the scope of work is required to resolve them to the community’s standards. However, if changes to resolve the issues are deemed too risky, requires an extensive amount of work, or is something we cannot accomplish within the production schedule – they may not make the cut. We won’t know until we are able to adequately investigate them and some may be punted to post-release.
    • Community reported issues to investigate after MCC PC project work completes:
      • Sniper and Magnum shots are too easy in MCC
      • Slow moving projectile weapons impact and effects are not synced
      • Actions executed after dying can queue up and be performed on respawn
      • When a powerup or weapon is moved from spawn it can appear in different locations for clients
      • Multiplayer latency issues
    • Community reported Issues we will not be investigating or working on:
      • In-game timer is missing when players are dead and respawning
      • Option to make weapon cocking and footsteps SFXs play client side only in HCE

There’s more to the post, including some interesting bugs they’ve found, a Halo Outpost Discovery update, and legacy content migration. You can read the full post over on Waypoint.