Postums has posted the details for the latest MCC Playlist Update. This one brings two bug fixes to Big Team Battle on Halo CE and Halo 4 as well as a new Forge map created by moo43, called Unearthed, to BTB on Halo 2 Anniversary:

  • Halo CE – 8v8 – Action Sack: Removed PC weapons from Hang ‘Em High in Mayhem CTF and Mayhem Crazy King.
  • H2A – 8v8 – Slayer and Flag & Bomb: Added community forge map Unearthed (Skyward) by moo43 to Slayer and Multi Flag CTF.
  • H4 – 8v8 – Slayer, Flag & Bomb, and Asset Denial: Added respawning non-random ordnance drops to Ragnarok, Daybreak, and Vertigo.


(Images from ForgeHub)

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