The Blam Gaming Halo Series is a Halo 5 2v2 Hardcore Team Slayer tournament series consisting of four preliminary tournaments and one Grand Finale.

Each preliminary tournament will be best-of-three and have a $100 winner-take-all prize. The match settings will be 25 kill-to-win, no radar, 12 minute time limit with a three minute overtime period (if necessary). The maps being played will be Truth, Plaza, and Regret. The winner of each prelim will earn a spot in the Grand Finale, however, cannot participate in any of the remaining preliminary tournaments. In addition to the $100 first place prize, teams will also earn placing points. Second place will earn four points, third will get three points, and fourth will receive two points. The top four teams with the highest total amount of points at the end of the preliminary tournaments will be invited to compete in the Grand Finale.

The Grand Finale will consist of eight teams competing in a double-elimination bracket for a piece of the $1,000 prize pool. First place will receive $700. Second will get $200, and third place will get $100.

Each tournament will be streamed and casted by pro players Goofy and RyaNoob. To register, fill out the registration form. Teams will be allowed to have one alternate player on their roster.

Here are the dates for each tournament:

Friday, August 16th – Preliminary #1 at 7PM CST
Tuesday, August 27th – Prelimiary #2 at 7PM CST
Tuesday, September 10th – Preliminary #3 at 7PM CST
Tuesday, September 24th – Preliminary #4 at 7PM CST
Sunday, October 20th – Grand Finale at 1PM CST


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