The annual gathering of the best Halo CE players, Beach LAN, is taking place this week. Here’s the scheduled matches you can watch over at along with Free Play matches that will be taking place all week. The Top 4 teams from the 2v2 will receive team passes and priority seeding for the Halo Classic: Atlantic City 2v2.

2v2 (EST)

Pool Play – Monday, August 12th at 12PM

Bracket Play – Tuesday, August 13th at 3PM

Beach Battles (EST)

Monday, August 12th at 5PM – Dman & Mighty vs Frolic & Nacho (NHE)

Monday, August 12th at 7PM – Legend vs Skillz (On/Off)

Wednesday, August 14th at 2PM – McDick & Psylence vs Jownz & pvt (NHE)

Wednesday, August 14th at 4PM – Repa & Words vs Finny & Doughboy (On/Off)

Wednesday, August 14th at 6PM – Finny & Words vs Repa & Doughboy – On/Off