HCS announced Live.Halo.gg, an extension of Halo.gg that will showcase HCS Grassroots and official HCS content. On it, you’ll be able to see which HCS Grassroots content creators are livestreaming and view the streams. Tournaments from partnered tournament organizers will also be available to watch. In addition to livestreams, you’ll be able to view Twitch VOD’s and the latest YouTube videos on the Community Content page from Grassroots partners and more. There will also be a Rewards aspect to the platform, where viewers can complete challenges to unlock the HCS Grassroots content in Halo 5/MCC and potentially more. This is in an experimental stage, so some features aren’t currently working, but stay patient. 343 is asking for feedback, so after check it out for a little while, tweet @HCS with your thoughts. To read the full announcement, head over to Waypoint.