FACEIT Ignite was the first Halo 3 event in a decade to be held over in Europe. Teams competed at Twickenham Stadium in London, England for their share of the $25,000 prize pool. The tournament opened with a Swiss-pool format, with the Top 16 teams moving on to a double-elimination bracket.

Representing RBL Esports with the number one seed from Europe was Mose, Respectful, Havoc, and Snipedrone. The team faced off against the number two European seed, Mazer Gaming, in the semi-finals of the Winner’s Bracket. A crazy match of Oddball on Guardian went the distance in favor of Mazer Gaming (141-140), preventing a 3-0 sweep by RBL. In the end, however, RBL came out on top winning the series 3-1, sending Mazer Gaming to the Loser’s Bracket.

On the other side of the Winner’s Bracket, Halo titans, TOX Gaming, squared up with the third seed from Europe, Aspire Esports. This wasn’t the usual TOX roster we are used to seeing, with Snip3down and Ace subbing in for Royal 2 and Lethul. Aspire, represented by Jimbo, tuf0xy, Phlux, and Riotz, were one of three teams predicted to stand a chance against the multi-title champions, but were shut down, losing the series 3-0.

In the Winner’s Finals, EU’s #1 team went up against NA’s #1 squad. Predictions were in TOX Gaming’s favor and after three games, TOX proved them right with a 3-0, leaving RBL Esports with one life left to win the event.

Aspire Esports went on to beat the other North American team, Tea N Crumpets, to play Mazer Gaming, who defeated Back to Classic. The battle between the #2 and #3 EU seeds wasn’t as competitive as one would think as Mazer won the series 3-0, eliminating Aspire from the tournament with a 4th place finish.

Mazer’s win would put them up against RBL Esports for a second time. Unfortunately for them, the chance for redemption wasn’t there as RBL looked even stronger than before and took the series with a 3-0 sweep.

The Grand Finals gave RBL Esports another crack at taking down TOX Gaming. This time, in a best-of-seven series.

The first map, CTF on Heretic, saw RBL coming out hot with a 2-0 lead pretty quickly. However, TOX was able to come back and win the match 5-4. RBL won Map #2, 50-47, which was Slayer on Amplified. In Map #3, TOX bounced right back on Construct King of the Hill 250-155. Capture the Flag on The Pit was Map #4. TOX Gaming was ahead 2-1 with two minutes left, when Hollers from RBL was able to secure a capture with 30 seconds left in regulation. The match went into Overtime, where Ace was able to get the winning capture, making it 3-1 for TOX. Map #5 featured Slayer on Narrows and in a nail-biter, RBL came out on top 50-47. TOX Gaming answered back on Map #6 with a 5-1 win on Onslaught Capture the Flag to take the series 4-2 and tournament win.

Below are the Top 16 placements along with the the brackets.