The roster for Aspire Esports at FACEIT Ignite was made up of EU players Jimbo, tuf0xy, Riotz, and Phlux, but the organization has since picked up a new set of players. Representing the org at the Halo Classic in Atlantic City will be Str8 Sick, Aries, Shele, and Fantasy. Aries, Str8 Sick, and Shele previously played under the Denial banner where they placed 2nd at the first Halo Classic in St. Louis and 4th at DreamHack Dallas. Fantasy was on the now-disbanded GMS that placed Top 6 at the Halo Classic in St. Louis and Top 8 at DreamHack Dallas. Most recently, the team placed 1st in the second and third Halo Classic: Atlantic City Online Qualifiers.


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