Postums has posted the details of the latest playlist update for MCC over on Waypoint. This one will add a new ranked playlist to Halo 2 Anniversary called Fast Slayer that was previously in the flights for the big MCC patch that occurred one year ago.

  • H2A Fast Slayer has been added to Ranked Matchmaking, which is BR starts, 25 kills to win, and a 5-minute time limit
  • Partial team matching is in place as well as a +/-15 rank matching
  • Maps in playlist are: Lockdown, Zenith, Warlord, Shrine, Erupt (Skyward) by For Chub & purely fat, Oracle (Skyward) by Squally DaBeanz, Muskrat (Skyward) by For Chub & The Psycho Duck, Select (Awash) by SecretSchnitzel and runNOKYARDrun, Stigma (Awash) by Squally DaBeanz