Postums has posted a new Development Update over on Waypoint, sharing what bugs were found and fixed from FireFlight testing. Here’s some of them:

  • FIXED – Existing out of settings menu guns continue to fire
  • FIXED – Using an Xbox controller can cause crashes
  • FIXED – When hovering over the roster it is in focus, but when moving away from it, it stays highlighted
  • FIXED – During match, UI offset on Ultrawide monitor is present.
  • FIXED – UI had multiple medal displays
  • INVESTIGATING – Stability issues on launch, match start, and match end
  • INVESTIGATING – Settings not working as intended
  • INVESTIGATING – Audio issues
  • INVESTIGATING – Intermittent freezes and enemy display issues

He also included that the build for the upcoming Xbox PvP Flight is currently at Ring 0 and they’re working on fixing a bunch of bugs.

To check out the post, including a full list of bugs that were resolved from FireFlight, check it out on Waypoint.