Yesterday, over on Waypoint, Postums posted the latest Playlist Update for the Master Chief Collection. As mentioned last week, the H2A Fast Slayer and H2A Team Hardcore playlists have been rotated out. The forge maps that were added into the Fast Slayer playlist, Erupt, Muskrat, Oracle, and Stigma have been moved into the Social 4v4 playlist:


  • Social Games – 4v4 – H2A: Added Erupt (Skyward) Slayer and Multi Flag CTF.
  • Social Games – 4v4 – H2A: Added Muskrat (Skyward) Slayer, Multi Flag CTF, and Neutral Bomb Assault.
  • Social Games – 4v4 – H2A: Added Oracle (Skyward) Slayer, Multi Flag CTF, SWAT, and Fiesta.
  • Social Games – 4v4 – H2A: Added Stigma (Awash) Slayer and Oddball.

He also mentions that next week’s update will include the return of Halo 3 Ranked Team Doubles with your previous rank for the playlist.



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