Postums has posted the MCC Development Update for this month. There’s a lot in it, but below you can find what we think are the main points.

  • Previously, players would have to login to an Xbox to aceess their Halo: Reach, Halo 3 and Halo 4 maps and gametypes that were copied from their File Share. Now, all maps and gametypes from players’ Xbox 360 File Share will be available when Halo: Reach drops on Xbox and PC.  Gametypes and maps from MCC in File Share will require a login to an Xbox once Reach releases and will be available on console and PC. Gametypes and maps on players’ MCC that aren’t in their File Share will only be available on the first Xbox a player launches after the game update takes place.
  • New Flood nameplate available from now until October 31st. To acquire, play 10 games of Infection (without quitting out).

  • As far as Reach customization goes, if an armor was included in the retail version of Halo: Reach at any point, it is planned on being included.
  • Elite and Spartan armor preview (may or may not be available at launch)

  • Xbox PvP Flight emails expected to go out in the very near future
    • Make sure you have Xbox Insider App installed
    • Delete existing Halo Insider builds
    • Unenroll from old flighting rings by going into Xbox Insider app and select “unenroll” option for Halo: MCC Insider
  • Easy Anti-Cheat technology to be used for MCC on PC
  • Nvidia SLI and AMD Crossfire graphics card configurations will not be supported for MCC on PC. However, dual card setups will be able to run the game.

To read the full post, including some interviews and bug fixes, check out the post on Waypoint.