Twitch Esports and HCS have announced a new competitive series called Twitch Rivals: Legends of Halo. Top streamers from Twitch will compete alongside a Halo pro (past and present) for a chance to be crowned the best on Twitch. The first series will feature a pre-released version of Halo: Reach MCC on PC on November 12th at 1PM PST. Your Halo pro’s and captains will be Tsquared, Lethul, FearItself, and Snip3down. There hasn’t been an announcement on which streamers will be competing just yet.

The teams will be the following:

  • Snip3down, Summit1G, Neighbor, and Ogre2
  • Tsquared, Ace, RyaNoob, and TannerSlays
  • Lethul, Hysteria, APG, and LEGIQN
  • FearItself, SnakeBite, Royal 2, and Gigz

Casting and commentating will be Walshy, Bravo, and WavePunk.

Seeing how this will be a series, we’re hoping that we’ll see one of these events for each title in MCC as they release on PC. You can watch the action over at