Changes are hopefully coming soon to Flight Three of MCC. Postums has given us an update on the Halo: Reach PC Flight on Waypoint that points out some of the bugs/issues players have been experiencing. Here’s what he had to say:

Mouse Input – Reports of mouse input issues/latency/concerns have come in from a number of players and is a top priority for the team. This feedback is generally new to flight three – for the most part, mouse feedback from “Fireflight” was overall quite positive. We believe a few things that changed in the build, along with the fact that this flight is MP focused, has contributed to the increase in feedback for mouse ‘feel.’ This isn’t a trivial matter – while many users have expressed concern and negative experiences, many others have stated it feels good. Further, we’ve seen a few different creative solutions from the community where the issue went away entirely if they changed mouse hardware or adjusted a setting. We are taking this seriously and do believe there is something going on here, but it’s not a clear cut issue or solution thus far.

One thing we are aware of is that playing above 60FPS does seem to introduce additional input delay. While this ideally shouldn’t be the case, our tests have shown it can happen (remember that this game was originally built for 30FPS, not even 60, and certainly not ‘uncapped’ – support for VFR is ‘experimental’). When this patch is released, the VFR (Variable Frame Rate) option in the settings menu will be removed from the build. This is not intended to be a final ‘solution’ to this issue, nor will this change be permanent (this experimental feature will come back in some form for release). But we are seeing that the majority of players giving feedback are indeed running >60FPS so we’d like to eliminate that variable from the equation and see how it affects people’s experience. Additionally, the team discovered an issue where mouse input could be at a lower CPU priority than it should be, which could also result in some input delays. This is addressed in the upcoming patch. We’re eager to see if players notice an improvement with these two adjustments along with incorporating the latest and greatest code base. Work continues on this, and we appreciate everyone who has taken extra time to share more detailed reports, analysis, and have tried various troubleshooting techniques of their own as we tackle this issue together.

Server Issues – Some players have reported less than ideal Matchmaking experiences on dedicated servers citing issues with hit-detection and other latency-related problems. This is also a top priority for the team and there have already been a few behind the scenes changes as investigations continue and a few promising discoveries. We’ll share more here soon.

Chat FilteringEvidently having your text chat aggressively filtered is something players don’t really like! We’ve heard you loud and clear (even with the filters enabled). We’re not thrilled with this implementation either so for the time being, text chat filtering is being removed from the build with the upcoming patch. As for the longer term plan – that’s still TBD, but we agree that an over-aggressive filter isn’t the ideal outcome. Oh, and I’m also told the default key to chat is changing and the team is working on allowing proper key-binding of this function.

Push to TalkNot only do players not enjoy having their words filtered, turns out they also don’t enjoy having a full-time hot mic while playing. We don’t like that either (true story I almost got myself into trouble playing at my desk with my mic picking up office chatter). We don’t expect this to be changed with this next patch, but the team is working on it.

Progression We’ve gotten some great feedback around this new area of the game and have gotten even greater data from folks just playing! Earlier this week changes were made to adjust the tuning and XP earn rates and the team is continuing to monitor data and feedback to get it to dialed in. Let us know how it feels now that some initial tweaks have been made!

Getting Stuck in Menus / Misc. CrashesSome of these issues were known before the flight began and should be resolved in this upcoming patch. Others are still actively being investigated and worked on. We have plenty of documentation and Support tickets around the ‘getting stuck in a menu’ option but if you encounter crashes or soft-locks, please do continue to file bug tickets at the Halo Support site.

A patch is planned to be released early next week. Our guess is before November 12th since that is when the Twitch Rivals series begins.