The Winter 2020 season has begun in Halo 5 and with that comes an all new ranked playlist, Mythic Arena. The playlist is described as “a hybrid between new and old Halo experiences” with six new maps featuring five Mythic variants of Assault, CTF, KotH, Oddball, and Slayer. Some new settings effecting movement, melee, and weapon timers have also been debuted.

Players’ base movement speed, strafe acceleration, and jump height have been increased and the only Spartan Abilities present are thrust and stabilize with a few reductions in the effectiveness. Melee kills have been changed from a two-melee kill to a three-melee kill. Power weapons will remain on static timers and power-ups/non-power weapons will continue to have dynamic timers. Ammo for some weapons have been altered for balancing.

The maps chosen for the playlist are Abyss by SGT x Slaphead (Assault, CTF, Slayer), Cryptic by SGT x Slaphead (KotH, Oddball, Slayer), Frontier by SGT x Slaphead (KotH, Oddball, Slayer), Goliath by SGT x Slaphead (KotH, Oddball, Slayer), Oracle by o Soul Flame o, SGT x Slaphead, Cheapbox v2, Hair McClairy, and Mags Dies (Assault, CTF, Slayer), and Vengeance by Cheapbox v2 and SGT x Slaphead (CTF, KotH, Slayer).

Below you can watch an announcement trailer from Bacon Media. For more information of the new playlist, head over to Waypoint.