The first Playlist Update since Halo: Reach has joined MCC is live. The update only affects the Social playlist for Halo: Reach with some maps being retired for certain game types while others having their weight increased. Here’s the details, taken from Waypoint:

  • Social 4v4 Swat: SWATnums on Powerhouse and Penance have been retired
  • Social 4v4 Grifball: The frequency of Vanilla Grifball has been increased
  • Social 8 Player (FFA) Slayer: Armor Lock has been added to the loadout offerings
  • Social 8 Player (FFA) Slayer: Lowered the frequency for the following maps in rotation: Boardwalk, Uplink (Condemned), Solitary, and Penance
  • Social 8 Player (FFA) Slayer: Increased the frequency for the following maps in rotation: Asylum (Forge World), Pinnacle (Forge World), and Uncaged (Forge World)
  • Social 12 Player (FFA) Infection: Alpha Zombies on Deadwalk (Boardwalk) and Powerless (Powerhouse) have been retired
  • Social 12 Player (FFA) Infection: Vanilla Infection on Spooky Base (Sword Base), Downlinked (Condemned), and Quarantine (Solitary) have been retired
  • Heroic Firefight: Unlimited lives has been enabled in Generator Defense