Get excited, HCS fans! Today, Tashi announced that Esports Engine, created and ran by the guys who brought you MLG, will be the Global Management Partner for Halo Infinite esports.

From Adam Apicella, Esports Engine CEO and Co-founder:

We are extremely excited to work with 343 Industries as their Global Management Partner and leverage our rich Halo history and 20 years of esports operations experience to help build the best program for players, fans, teams, and tournament operators around the world. From our experience running Halo for so many years and also being a third party operator trying to make ends meet – now being able to help design a program that’s something the fans want, something the players want, that’s great for the teams, great for the other operators – it’s super exciting to be involved in such a monumental project.

For the full press release, head over to Waypoint.


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