Southeastern Esports has announced the Social Distance Series, a new online league with a classic arcade style twist. Here’s how it works:

The Halo titles being played are Halo: Reach and Halo CE, both on Master Chief Collection. There will be two 4v4 leagues for each title, one on PC and one on Xbox. Teams can register to compete in whichever title they choose, even both. However, a player cannot compete on both platforms under the same title. For example, John Doe can play Halo: Reach on PC and Halo CE on PC, but he cannot play in Halo: Reach on PC and Xbox.

The league is free-to-enter. Players will be competing for Competitive Points, which can be redeemed for prizes. There are two tiers of prizes, standard and premium. The premium tier, which includes everything in the standard tier plus cash prizes/high-value items, can be accessed by purchasing a Premium Pass for $10 and is good for the entire season. A Premium Pass also provides other incentives such as increased points earning.

Halo: Reach tournaments will begin at 3PM CST every Sunday and Halo CE tournaments will also be every Sunday, but start at 6PM CST. The leagues will have an open registration the entire season. New players and teams can join at anytime. Teams can also choose whether or not they will be competing that week. Attendance is not mandatory (but no points can/will be earned for that week). The league will run from May 9th to August 2nd.

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