MGE’s League of Steel

The MG Eclipse gaming community has announced their League of Steel, a 4v4 Halo 5 draft league with a twist.

The Draft

Captains will be drafting their teams. You can become a Captain by paying $30 via PayPal or being subscribed to MGE’s Patreon at Tier 2 for three months or Tier 3 for two months. Captains will be picked first-come first-serve.

Each Captain will have a budget to draft their teams. The currency is called Steel. Each Captain will start off with 5,000 Steel. Each player starts with a 0 Steel price point, but once they are chosen their value increases to 100 Steel.

Players can be stolen by other Captains when it’s their turn, however, stealing the player increases their value by 100 Steel. For example, if Team A drafts John Doe, his value becomes 100 Steel. If Team B wants to steal John Doe, it will cost them 200 Steel. If Team C wants to steal him from Team B, it will cost them 300 Steel. Each time a player is stolen from a team, the Steel paid for said player is refunded to the team.

The draft is currently scheduled to take place on Saturday, November 7th.

Weekly Bounties

Players will have chances to increase their individual and/or team prize as well as purchase Home Field Advantages during the season by completing Weekly Bounties.


  • Week 1: Personal Cash Bounty – 1 Man Army: Get an Overkill. (Adds $2 to your personal prize (if your team finishes the season Top 4). Team Cash Bounty – Playing with Fire: Win a Slayer game with a score of 50 to 49. Add 50$ to the team prize (if the team finishes Top 2)
  • Week 1: Personal Steel Bounty – Marksman: Get an Airborne Snapshot. (adds 10 Steel to team). Team Steel Bounty – All Together: Each member on a game of slayer earns minimum 10 Kills. (Earns 100 Steel for Team).

Home Field Advantage Examples

  • 200 steel = Tac Mag Starts for whole series.
  • 75 steel = +1 Initial grenade for the whole series.
  • 200 Steel = Snipe (remove) a player PER GAME.

A full menu of purchase options to choose from will be distributed

The league is scheduled to start the weekend of November 14th. Each team will play five games per week. The regular season will be six weeks with the post-season being two weeks.

At eight teams, the prize pool will be $1,000 and can increase based off of the number of teams.

For more information, join the MGE Discord.