Halo 5 Pro Series Season 1 Championship Results – NA – 11/7/2020

The first Season of the Halo 5 Pro Series has wrapped up in North America. The Top Eight teams from the second Pro Tournament competed in a Group Stage followed by a single-elimination bracket to see who would be crowned Champion. While the Top Four teams remained the same, the placings did not. Inconceivable, who placed first in the second Pro Tournament, ended up finishing 3rd/4th along with KC Pioneers after falling to Sentinels. Cloud9 found themselves in the Grand Finals against the Halo titans, Sentinels, and unfortunately finished as the runner-up, losing three maps to one. You can find more information about the Group Stage by clicking here and the bracket round at this link. You can watch the VOD on Halo’s Twitch channel. Season Two starts next week with Open Tournaments resuming.